Friday, May 18, 2012

First Post...  

To those who know me, thanks for checking out the IronLooks Blog.  To those that don't know me, I'm Richard Tarleton, a Personal Fitness Trainer in Franklin NC.  I train at the Franklin Health & Fitness Center and while I take most any client, my specialty is Strength & Conditioning for All Ages.

This Blog's purpose is to give people access to me; whether you are a member of the Fitness Center or not.  I'll be hosting workouts, planning, online seminars, and my experiences on this site.  I am also making myself available as an online personal trainer. 

In conjunction with my IronLooks web site and my work at the fitness center, it is my hopes to get a line of workout apparel (t-shirts, wraps, straps, gloves, etc...) out within the next couple months.  The profits from this will seed further projects.  I will be sharing some of the designs shortly once I get the proofs approved.

Feel free to email me at Lasharm(at) if you have any questions about health and fitness. 

Stay Fit;
Richard Tarleton

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